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Oxford Comets: Investing in Great Talent

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Oxford Comets: Investing in Great Talent

Class: BPS 4305 Sec.009, Strategic Management, Instructor Dr. Shawn Carraher

Among the Best and Brightest

The University of Texas at Dallas has earned a reputation of academic excellence through recruiting highly qualified students and faculty. At the Naveen Jindal School of Management, we are one of a few schools in the nation that offer undergraduates the opportunity to submit peer-reviewed research to international conferences. Our strategic management class had the opportunity to submit our work for presentation at the Global Conference on Business and Economics (GCBE) at the University of Oxford. Three students had their papers accepted.  

When students present peer-reviewed published work at conferences like the GCBE, this translates into success in measurable ways. According to studies, students who present academic research tend to earn $250,000 more throughout their careers than peers who don’t. They also get exposure to meaningful research that can help push various disciplines forward. 

A Golden Opportunity

Our student group, the Oxford Comets, is committed to helping our three classmates travel to the GCBE, which will be Nov. 22-23. The cost for each student is $2,000, and we want to raise as much as possible to lessen the financial burden.  

If you had a chance to spend $2,000 to earn $250,000, wouldn't you make that investment? That relatively low cost today can translate into helping a student launch a successful and rewarding career. At this conference, our classmates will have a chance to network with some of the most prestigious scholars in the world.

Typically, conference presenters are limited to faculty, graduate and doctoral students. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our undergraduates. By participating in this event, they can gain additional insight into the world of research and be introduced to new fields of strategic management on an international level. And, along the way, they will have a memorable experience at one of the oldest and most prestigious academic institutions on Earth.

Meet the Students

Gauri Kadu, Fariha Hoque and Sameer Shukla

Gauri Kadu is a senior marketing major and is excited to share her research on the international implications of financial contagion at GCBE. Personally, she enjoys traveling, and can’t wait to visit the United Kingdom. As a hobby, she enjoys collecting various watches, so she truly understands the value of time!

Fariha Hoque is a senior marketing major, and her selected research assessed the cultural differences in Latin America, Italy and the United States. Fariha is passionate about her work and is assisting immensely with our campaign. For fun, Fariha enjoys swing dancing. Hopefully, she can sweep the conference off its feet!

Sameer Shukla is a senior pursuing a double major in corporate finance and economics, and a minor in accounting. His research compared two business structures and their impact on shareholders and society. Sameer powerlifts competitively, and when he isn’t training his body he is training his mind through regular meditation. Sameer’s balance of body and mind should shine through at Oxford.

Blueprint for Success

Our team is working fervently across several platforms to help our classmates’ dreams come true. Through social media, emails and face-to-face visits, we are reaching out to friends, family, alumni and businesses to support our project.

With your support, we are confident and determined to reach our class goal. You are a vital piece to this project, and your impact can have a great return on investment.

Donate today and help us reach our goal to send our three classmates to the University of Oxford. 

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