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Archer Fellow Alumni Association (AFAA) Annual Giving Campaign

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Archer Fellow Alumni Association (AFAA) Annual Giving Campaign

Since 2001, the Archer Fellowship Program has grown from a small group of ten students from UT Austin to over one thousand alumni from across the UT System. In the words of Congressman Bill Archer, “most big things start with little things.”

This year as #ArchersGiveBack, we want to share the power and growth of the Archer Fellow Alumni Association. In the last 19 years, our fellows have gone from students to graduates to leaders, fulfilling the vision of this program and Congressman Archer.

Your participation in the AFAA’s Annual Giving Campaign will support scholarships for future Archer Fellows and Archer Fellow alumni pursuing advanced degrees.  We hope that the giving levels will remind you of the importance proper funding plays in making the most of the Archer Fellowship. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible.

Need more incentive? The Archer Fellow class with the greatest percentage of donors will get bragging rights for the year as well as the opportunity to name a scholarship.

It is up to us to continue to build our future leaders, can we count on you for #ArchersGiveBack?

Choose a giving level


Coffee for a Fellow to network

A networking coffee in D.C. can be expensive. A donation of $5 will help an Archer Fellow make connections in D.C.


Metro to work, class, and home

Getting to class and work is important. A donation of $10 will help an Archer Fellow metro to their internship, class and home.


Cultural experience in D.C.

Being in D.C. is a unique experience. A donation of $25 will provide an Archer Fellow with a valuable cultural or educational experience.


Food Pantry essentials

You cannot study or learn on an empty stomach. A donation of $50 will help nourish and energize an Archer Fellow.


Business attire for a Fellow

What did you wear on your first day to work as an Archer Fellow? A donation of $100 will help a student look (and feel) their best + you get a free AFAA T-shirt!


Flight to D.C. for a Fellow

Help the careers of our Archer Fellows soar. A donation of $250 can help an Archer Fellow get to D.C. and back + you get a free AFAA T-shirt and other goodies!


Join the Archer Center Trust

A donation of $500 will make you a Trustee! Trustees leverage their collective giving to create impact and influence the future of the Archer Center. Learn more: AFAA T-shirt and other goodies are included.


Sponsor Graduation Lunch

It’s time for our Archer Fellows to become alumni. With a donation of $1,000, you can sponsor graduation lunch -- and have lunch with Congressman Bill Archer. Donations at this level will also earn Trustee status.