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The School of Arts & Humanities

Help AH reach our $20,000 goal!

Support the School of Arts & Humanities

In preparation for the fall, many areas in the School of Arts & Humanities are not currently equipped to function with new and necessary social distancing measures. With budget cuts on the rise, we are asking for philanthropic support to make a critical difference in our students' lives.

Please consider supporting one of the areas below and help us reach our $20,000 goal!

Areas to support:

Online Education: Help support the School of Arts and Humanities with funding for online education, including needed technology and digital textbooks.

Choir: Help support the choir with funding for needed technology, venue rentals for social distancing and textbooks.

Guitar: Help support the guitar program and its students with funding for guitars, tablets for displaying music scores, and a portable PA system for pop-up performances.

Music: Help support the Arts and Humanities Music Fund.

Theatre: Help support the needs of the theatre program, including funding for A/V technology to stream and record performances, textbooks and venue rentals.

Dance: Help support the needs of the Dance Program, including funding for dance shoes, technology, textbooks, and rentals.

Thank you for helping us better equip our programs during these changing times.