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The Innovative Institution

The University of Texas at Dallas has some of the best and brightest faculty and staff as it continues on its mission to become a Tier One national research institution. By no means are these lofty aspirations, as the University also boasts several great opportunities for its student body.  

The Naveen Jindal School of Management, UTD’s business school, has one of those career-changing opportunities through its strategic management capstone course. Each semester, undergraduates in their senior year get the chance to submit research papers to the International Conference held by the China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT) at the University of Cambridge in England.  

Each semester, Dr. Shawn Carraher, the instructor of the course, has made this event something that students can aspire to attend. As these students wrap up their undergraduate course work, they get the chance to write a paper that they can then present to the CBEC in hopes that it will be accepted and published. So far, the accolades that have come as a result of this opportunity have been an overwhelming representation of the education that comes from The University of Texas at Dallas.    

The Students in Pursuit

Ryan Robinson- (See project owner bio)

Cezar de la Paula- (See project owner bio)

Harshita Gudipati- Harshita is an undergraduate student majoring in healthcare management with a minor in neuroscience. She is expected to graduate in December 2016. She works for a clinic specializing in spine and pain management, overseeing patient care and day-to-day activities to successfully run the facility. Outside of school and work, she enjoys traveling. She loves learning about different cultures and religions. This has inspired her to learn about the international health care industry and become a part of it. She is working with Lina Lim on a research paper, analyzing strategic plans within the healthcare systems of France and the United States to present to CAMOT and CBEC.

Lina Lim- Lina is an undergraduate student working toward a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and she is expected to graduate in spring 2017. She wants to pursue many different opportunities and looks forward to exciting ventures with the help of this chance to attend the conference at Cambridge. Some of her work experience includes A/P, A/R, payroll management and administrative management. Her paper, co-written with Harshita Gudipati, is based on analyzing strategic plans within the health care systems of France and the United States.

Andee Chieu- Andee is a senior concurrently working on her BA and MBA. Her research aims to identify the correlation between culture and the product mix appeal associated with Mary Kay’s market penetration.  Andee is a full-time student and working full time in business financing at an acquisition and merger bank. In her free time, Andee enjoys playing golf, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.

Why Should You Contribute? 

With one simple donation you can impact the life of several well-deserving UT Dallas students. Also, every $1 that you donate will actually become $2. In full support of this campaign, the dean of the Jindal School has promised to match all donations. Your contribution will help these five hardworking scholars present their research papers in Cambridge University's Lecture Theatre on Oct. 8 and 9.  One hundred percent of your donation will go toward travel, food and lodging expenses for UT Dallas students attending the conference.  

Our goal is to raise $5,000. With the match, we will have $10,000 toward these students’ trip to Cambridge. We are fortunate enough that five of our students already have been selected to present their papers at the conference. However, it will cost approximately $2,000 per person to cover all the expenses that come with this trip across the pond. For college students, that kind of money doesn’t come easy. As they finalize their papers so that they can best represent both themselves and the University, there isn’t much time left to raise funds. So, they could use some help making this dream a possibility. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of these students. The University of Texas at Dallas does a great job of opening doors for opportunities for its student body. Your contribution will help impact these students’ future research and career endeavors, and help boost the worldwide ranking of the Naveen Jindal School of Management. 

Contribute to our Comets and you can reap the benefits of knowing you helped an aspiring businessman or businesswoman to get one step closer to their goal. Also, based on the amount of your gift, you will get something in return for your donation (see our giving levels). Also, every share on social media of this campaign will help get the word out to others. So, give a little, or a lot, or just share our link on your social media. Any of these contributions will make a big impact on the lives of these commendable Comets. 

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