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What is Play with Me?

Play with Me is a free bilingual 10-12 week learning program for families with children ages 0-3. In this program, students, developmental specialists and volunteers foster a playful and dynamic environment that seeks to promote optimal child development. With the use of play, songs, games and educational activities, Play with Me facilitators promote developing a strong parent-child bond. This program also focuses on educating parents and guardians about necessary topics such as child temperament, nutrition, self-regulation and more.

Importance of the program?

  • Free! Which means everyone and anyone can join.
  • Access to free developmental screenings.
  • Parents are provided with curated resources for their specific needs.
  • Helps parents build a supportive community.
  • Children get a chance to grow and develop new experiences.
  • Supports disadvantaged communities such as low income-families in the DFW area.

Parent Voices

  • “The Play with Me program helped us greatly to understand our son’s needs even without him speaking, and the importance of supporting him in his daily life. What had the biggest impact on our family with the Play with Me program was that children from the womb already listen and feel, and we should encourage them to do activities every day without forcing them. The best memory was seeing how my baby enjoyed the space and interacting with other babies and the teachers were so loving and respectful.” - Yuly 
  • “This helps the development of children. Play with Me provides important tools and also provides a great environment for parents. I wish this kind of program would be available in different states and around the world. Mothers need this kind of program and hopefully, all mothers can have access to this program.” - Ely

Our Goals?

  • Our $3,800 goal will provide:
    1. A new sound system for every location.
    2. Gifts for families to thank them for their participation (self-care kits, toys, parenting books).
    3. Gifts to encourage community support.
    4. Updated developmentally appropriate toys and books.
  • $6,000 will provide:
    1. Funding for toys and materials for a new Play with Me program in the DFW area.


How can you help?

  • With a gift of...
    1.  $5 – Supplies used for program activities.
    2.  $25 – One gift set for parents.
    3.  $50 – Two sets of developmentally-appropriate toys.
    4.  $100 – Two imaginative play sets.
  • With....
    1. $200 – Foam play mats for new programs.
    2. $300 - 500 – New sound system.
    3. $500 – Sponsoring seasonal events, such as fall festival and Play Day in the spring to celebrate with the families that we serve.
    4. $1,000 – Sponsorship of the annual Play with Me Family Summer Celebration held in June.

You can learn more about Play with Me and the Center for Children and Families at our website and follow us on Facebook.