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UT Dallas Emergency Support Efforts

926 Comets have raised $245,177 for UT Dallas students in need!  

Student Emergency Fund Update

September 23, 2020

Months ago, the UT Dallas Student Emergency Fund (SEF) was established to help students whose lives had been uprooted by the pandemic. Hundreds of Comets stepped up to meet these evolving needs, impacting more than 800 students with your generosity.


As we’ve seen the pandemic stretch from weeks to months, UT Dallas students still face the prospect of continuing their education in the face of hunger, housing insecurity, unemployment and more. The SEF is still as essential as it was in April, and many students still turn to the fund for relief.


Currently, there are 210 UT Dallas students who qualify for assistance and if

the minimum amount allocated to students in need is $400, the SEF would need $84,000 in generous donations to be able to meet these students’ needs.


Please continue to support our students during this unprecedented time. Thank you in advance!



UT System Chancellor’s Council Fund Match Announced

May 01, 2020

As a supporter of the UT Dallas Student Emergency Fund we wanted to share a comet-sized thank you for your generosity. We also wanted to let you know of this exciting news:


The UT System Chancellor’s Council Fund is now matching gifts, dollar for dollar, to the Student Emergency Fund, up to $25,000.


This matching gift offer will give the Student Emergency Fund the opportunity to help even more students facing hardship.


Since the fund was launched, the SEF has had more than 900 student applicants in need of immediate support. Donations like yours have ensured support for more than one third of student applicants, and we are so grateful for your generosity.


However, there are many more UT Dallas students in need of immediate assistance.


You can help by sharing this dollar-for-dollar match with your networks using the social icons on our page. If you feel inclined to make an additional gift, know that your donation today has the power to make twice the impact on the lives of UT Dallas students.


As always, thank you for coming together for your Comet community. We are all in this together.



Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Gene Fitch shares an update

April 06, 2020

Thank you for supporting the Student Emergency Fund. The heart of this project is to help UTD students who are facing difficulties as a direct result of COVID-19, and we are so grateful for your generosity.


As of today, we have received 783 applications and are rapidly allocating awards to help UTD students in need.


We’ve learned much about the needs of our students during this time. Whether it’s providing the technology resources a student needs for remote learning, helping a student who relied heavily on campus health clinics receive medical care or assisting a student now living on a reduced income pay for groceries and housing, your support makes an immediate impact.


Thanks to friends like you, we have now raised more than $69,000 for the Student Emergency Fund. Every dollar raised will support the University’s goal of meeting the emergent needs of our students.


We look forward to keeping you updated as we continue to serve our students. Help us raise awareness by sharing this project on social media.


Gene Fitch, Vice President for Student Affairs