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Creation of Community

April 06, 2015

Through April, we’re asking everyone this program has touched; alumni, parents and proud allies of LGBTQIA at UTD, to join us with a donation to help us reach our goal of $5,000.

Whether it’s $25 or $1,000, your gift is a vote of confidence in the future for our LGBTQIA initiatives and a declaration of affirmation for future generations.

Throughout the Impact UTD campaign, we’ll be updating the site with messages from Allies (past and present) and sharing some of the behind the scenes experiences that make this program so special. This Wednesday, our LEAP Education Subcommittee, specifically our dedicated volunteers from the Counseling Center, will facilitate our spring Advanced SAFE ZONE Dialogue, which will gather 20+ students, staff, faculty and community members in a conversation surrounding “The Family We Make: LGBTQIA Individuals and the Creation of Community”. Please stay tuned for a recap of what will likely be an engaging and relevant dialogue to the benefits of fostering an affirming community at UTD.

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Thank You!

April 06, 2015
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Advanced SAFE ZONE Dialogues

April 10, 2015

Thank you for continuing to spread the LGBTQ at UTD Crowdfunding Campaign to your social networks!

Advanced SAFE ZONE Dialogues are a wonderful opportunity to take knowledge and skills gained through SAFE ZONE Ally Training and apply them to real experiences and topics within the LGBTQIA community. Two nights ago, our Advanced SAFE ZONE Dialogue was held with an attendance of 19 students, staff, faculty, and community members! During this particular dialogue, the conversation centered on the different aspects of community that many attendees had experienced. These topics ranged from the comforts and conflicts within a family of origin, the foundation of a life-long chosen family, and even advocacy as a means for community connection. Many personal anecdotes, thoughts, and memories were shared, as the group came together to learn more about each other, our differences, and our similarities. We’re already looking forward to our next Advanced SAFE ZONE Dialogue that will occur this fall!

In our update next week, we’ll spotlight one of our students who is widely involved in many of our LGBTQIA programs. I can’t wait to introduce you to Marcus Bethel!

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Student Spotlight - Marcus Bethel

April 17, 2015

Name: Marcus Bethel

Age: 21

Academics: Junior majoring in Psychology, Minoring in Gender Studies

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His/They/Their

Gender Identity : Transgender (FTM, Nonbinary)

Sexual Orientation: Asexual/Panromantic

A regular friendly face, Marcus Bethel has been active in the LGBTQ community on campus since he was a freshman. He attributes his success to the loving and inclusive environment at UTD. He grew up in a small town with a graduating class of about 30, meaning that everyone knew everyone. As a queer identified person of color that wasn’t always a pleasant experience for him. He knew he wanted a better and safer environment but didn’t know what it would be like until he saw a PRIDE booth when touring the UTD campus. The open environment of PRIDE helped him come to terms with his gender identity and sexual orientation, as well as made him feel safe and welcome. It was his first time being able to speak with other Transgender people, who answered his questions and helped him come to the decision to come out to his support group as his authentic self. He says, “I was reassured and constantly supported and when different challenges arose I was never alone.”

He then came out to his family, began counseling, and later, hormone replacement therapy. The next step for him, personally, was chest reconstructive surgery.  Marcus’s campus support group helped him obtain this surgery by creating an online fundraiser similar to ImpactUTD, eventually raising over $1,800.  Many people who know him remark that he is now more confident, happy, and outgoing than he was before transitioning. He works hard to make sure that everyone he meets feels “loved, valued, and valid” because he honestly believes that everyone deserves to know how unique and wonderful they are.  He remarks that “Any support you can give to help keep my community and our programming alive will make the world of difference to people like me. I genuinely believe that our university is so inclusive because of programming like Ally Training, Lavender graduation, and scholarships and celebration of awareness and recognition days like National Coming out Day. If you can’t donate please share to people you think might be able to. Every dollar makes a difference. “

Marcus Bethel is truly an outstanding example of a community leader, and someone who has overcome significant personal adversity. He uses his experience to help improve the lives of others, and can often be found surrounded by a bubble of peers who deeply admire him.


Down to the Wire - One day left!

April 30, 2015

Thank you to everyone for supporting the LGBTQ at UTD crowdfunding campaign! We’re down to the wire – We have one more day to get closer to our $5,000 goal (Impact UTD ends at midnight on Friday).

Great things are happening at UT Dallas! This week, the Student Government unanimously passed their resolution to stand against discrimination of LGBTQIA individuals. Please help keep the momentum of equality and celebration rolling by supporting LGBTQIA efforts with a donation!

All donations will support our LGBTQ initiatives and ensure our campus is an affirming place for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions. These programs include SAFE ZONE Ally Training, Dialogues, Scholarships, Lavender Graduation and more.

Please continue to share the following link with your friends, family and colleagues one last time:, #LGBTQatUTD.

Thank you again!


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Resource Library

Your gift of $25 will help supply an updated LGBTQ-related book, movie, or magazine to the LEAP resource library.



Your gift of $50 will help two students receive training at SAFE ZONE Ally Training or Advanced SAFE ZONE Dialogue.


Student Scholarship

Your gift of $100 will help to support scholarships similar to the Keith-Huckaba Student Support Fund, which awards an annual scholarship to students who provide LGBTQA advocacy or support.


Days of Recognition

Your gift of $250 will help to support celebration of national days of recognition, such as National Coming Out Day, National Day of Silence, etc.


Lavender Graduation

Your gift of $500 will help us honor all of our LBGTQA graduates of UT Dallas during our annual Lavender Graduation Celebration.


Camp Pride

Your gift of $1000 will help provide one week of room/board, educational program materials and meals for one student who attends the national Camp Pride Summer Leadership Camp.